The Daily News (Longview, Wash.)

I worked as the Web Reporter for the Longview, WA’s The Daily News and for a couple years, doing breaking news, web updates and reporting on the Latino and Cowlitz Indian Tribe communities. Here are a few of the stories:TDNtresTDNtres-1TDNtres-2TDNtres-3TDNdosTDNdos-1TDNdos-2TDNdos-3TDNdos-4TDNdos-5TDNuno

TDNuno-1 TDNuno-2 TDNuno-3 TDNuno-4 TDNuno-5 TDNuno-6 TDNuno-7 TDNuno-8 TDNuno-9CasinoRez1CasinoRez2CasinoRez3Fentanyl1Fentanyl2Fentanyl3