Journal Sentinel

While I was never a full-time employee of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I wrote quite a bit of music journalism for Wisconsin’s largest media outlet, mostly concert reviews at Brew City’s top venues like the Pabst Theater, Milwaukee Theater, Summerfest stages, Eagles Ballroom & The Rave, the Riverside. Much of the music industry spotlight focuses on the big markets but the MKEs and PDXs are where the real sound is at, because the level of pretention lowers, and artists can be authentic.

Maybe I got this from my father, Will Schmid, a music professor, or maybe I learned it the hard way from hours of building callouses on my fingers playing violin, mandolin and viola, but one thing I know for sure about music: it is beautiful in as many forms as visual art, or dance, or writing. There is no limit to the colors of the sonic palette. Live, it’s a gossamer, spectral thing, that can come together, or fall apart.

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