Thachmo Portflolio

“Thachmo Portflolio” – Here’s an Emancipator-produced mashup of my recordings on violin, viola, Fender Mandocaster and acoustic mandolin, mostly plugged into effects pedals and Fender Twin Custom 64-15 amp, occasionally acoustic. Thanks to Emancipator for mashing this up. Gratitude to … Continue reading Thachmo Portflolio

“Safe” by Star Witness

From left to right, Fern Capella, Trevor Oswalt, Chris Allen, me, Kenny Karales. Star Witness-Safe This track was produced by Chris Allen, who also plays drums. Fern Capella sings lead and wrote the song, while Kenny Karales plays bass guitar, Trevor Oswalt plays keyboards and I play violin/viola. Released June 15, 2010. Check out the band’s website at Continue reading “Safe” by Star Witness