Thacher SchmidThacher Schmid is a freelance journalist/writer and musician whose life is a tale of two cities: Portland, Ore. and Milwaukee, Wis.

A father, husband and longtime advocate for the poor, Schmid believes in balance, and in the interconnected nature of reality.

He was the first male at the Feminist Majority’s D.C. office. He’s played for the Ultimate Frisbee Team that finished #3 in the nation at the college level, rocked Hava Nagila for a chair-borne bride at a Jewish wedding, written for Black and Latino community media—including in Spanish, which he speaks fluently.

He loves the digital rivers of the Interwebs as much as dead trees and the tattered 1936 copy of Ferdinand the Bull he reads to his kids.

His love for writing started as a paperboy, waking at dawn to deliver fresh ink. His love of violin, viola and mandolin started as a child, at folk festival open mics and in classical orchestras.