Ancient Texts

These two interview articles, with famed black feminist activist and writer bell hooks and Chicago 8 activist David Dellinger,  were written for The Carletonian, the student newspaper at my alma mater, Carleton College in Northfield, MN, for which I wrote and edited. I will always fondly remember those slightly crazy Thursday evening / Friday morning all-nighters in the campus center: the copious amounts of caffeine, nicotine, occasional alcohol and marijuana. The notes for the term I took “Sociological Thought and Theory” on a Friday morning after pulling all-nighters to finish the paper (which we laid out mostly by hand; the internet was just a planted seed at that moment) tended to start strong, but then the writing would just dribble down the right side of the page as I fell asleep while still writing.


  Here’s the David Dellinger piece:


My brother Schuyler joined me for this report on the Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary party, which just so happened to have its epicenter a stone’s throw from where I was living at the time, on East Brady and Arlington. It was published in the Press, a short-lived Milwaukee alt-weekly published by John-david Morgan, a longtime Shepherd Express reporter.