Thachmo Portflolio

“Thachmo Portflolio” – Here’s an Emancipator-produced mashup of my recordings on violin, viola, Fender Mandocaster and acoustic mandolin, mostly plugged into effects pedals and Fender Twin Custom 64-15 amp, occasionally acoustic. Thanks to Emancipator for mashing this up. Gratitude to … Continue reading Thachmo Portflolio

Amy Rohan

Jester’s Fun Down Something You Could Use Amy Rohan — sister to Dave Rohan, who played drums with me in Moriarty — recruited me to sing backup vocals and play violin and acoustic mandolin on her debut CD, “Jar Full of Pennies,” which got some critical acclaim. Here are a few tracks that I helped out on with strings and vox; Amy, of course, wrote the tunes, sang lead and played fingerstyle guitar. The songs make me think of a time in the late 1990s in Milwaukee, Wis. when I was hangin’ at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn, jamming with Amy, Moriarty … Continue reading Amy Rohan

Colin O’Brien

Slidell Blues D For Disk Slidell: One of the best, and bluesiest tunes off of Colin O’Brien’s 1997 release “Pressure in the West,” this was among my first recordings. I play blues violin on the track, originally penned by Paul Geremia. Mike Bieser is on bass. D For Disk: Actually, Colin was really talking about “D For Dick” on this tune, I think. A sly, fun, tongue-in-cheek tune. Colin, Mike Bieser and I (plus contributions from Steve Wurcer on guitar and drummer Bill Backes from Little Blue Crunchy Things) rocked these tunes, some of mine and some of Mike’s at … Continue reading Colin O’Brien