Thachmo Portflolio

“Thachmo Portflolio” – Here’s an Emancipator-produced mashup of my recordings on violin, viola, Fender Mandocaster and acoustic mandolin, mostly plugged into effects pedals and Fender Twin Custom 64-15 amp, occasionally acoustic. Thanks to Emancipator for mashing this up. Gratitude to … Continue reading Thachmo Portflolio

56th Street

Ethiopia Soca Let It Go Mother These are the best three tracks off of the short-lived 56th Street ensemble’s one recording. The reggae / West African group was comprised of Saskia Pretorius on lead vocals and guitar, me on viola, violin and mandocaster, KT Rusch on bass and Patrice Nassalang on percussion — plus contributions from Yaya Kambaye, also on percussion. Nassalang and Kambaye, both talented drummers and dancers from Senegal, West Africa, play in a group Pathe founded called Jam Ak Jam, a Milwaukee-based West African drum and dance ensemble. Pathe Nassalang, Yaya Kambaye, and Jahmes “Tony” Finlayson, with … Continue reading 56th Street