East Forest’s Slowly But Forward: 12 minutes of “ambient dream-core”

East Forest is the “ambient dream-core electro-acoustic experimental minimalist shaman-rock” project of Trevor Oswalt, a Portland-via-Brooklyn musician. I’ve played with him on a number of tracks, including some more meditative and long-form and some more groovetastic. East Forest just released … Continue reading East Forest’s Slowly But Forward: 12 minutes of “ambient dream-core”

Music Meditation podcast with East Forest

I just did a podcast with Trevor Oswalt, a keyboardist, producer and vocalist who maintains the Eastforest.org website. It’s titled “Uncoiling,” and clocks in at 16 minutes. Great stuff for meditation, driving, relaxing, taking a bath, chillaxing. I played violin and Fender mandocaster on the piece. Trevor played keyboards, sang and added various effects and other percussion instruments, with loop pedals. You can go to eastforest.org or to the audio link: http://www.losttricks.com/eastforest/SoundHealingBites/Podcasts/SoundHealingBites025Uncoiling.mp3 Continue reading Music Meditation podcast with East Forest

“Safe” by Star Witness

From left to right, Fern Capella, Trevor Oswalt, Chris Allen, me, Kenny Karales. Star Witness-Safe This track was produced by Chris Allen, who also plays drums. Fern Capella sings lead and wrote the song, while Kenny Karales plays bass guitar, Trevor Oswalt plays keyboards and I play violin/viola. Released June 15, 2010. Check out the band’s website at reverbnation.com/starwitness Continue reading “Safe” by Star Witness