“Old Devil” by Emancipator

Old Devil This track is one of the best on the 2010 album “Safe in the Steep Cliffs” by Emancipator, also known as Doug Appling. I play viola and mandolin on it. Check out Doug’s website at emancipatormusic.com. Continue reading “Old Devil” by Emancipator

Love Live Music Collective – Stringzology

Thief May Enter Growth In Four Directions Dimbale Nothing Here are four of the best tracks off my 2003 self-produced album, which I did under the moniker Love Live Music Collective, and entitled “Stringzology.” Personally recorded digital sound samples from a huge peace protest in Washington, D.C. are woven throughout and the album features some of Milwaukee’s many talented musicians. Contact me at thacherschmid@hotmail.com if you’re interested in buying a copy. Continue reading Love Live Music Collective – Stringzology