Thachmo Portflolio

“Thachmo Portflolio” – Here’s an Emancipator-produced mashup of my recordings on violin, viola, Fender Mandocaster and acoustic mandolin, mostly plugged into effects pedals and Fender Twin Custom 64-15 amp, occasionally acoustic. Thanks to Emancipator for mashing this up. Gratitude to … Continue reading Thachmo Portflolio

Leaves Russell releases “A Tale of Two Basements” EP

In February 2011, Leaves Russell released its debut EP, “A Tale of Two Basements.” The cover art was done by Jeremy Moore and looks like this: The album is available for digital download at for a very reasonable $5. The five songs on the album are: 1 Heart of Things 2 Paper Thin 3 La Zona Rosa 4 Na Na Na 5 Replace the Light (Upon the Stand) I played violin, viola and Fender mandocaster, and sang backup vox. Matthew Russell sang lead and played piano, Isaac Medina played bass and Jackson Conrad played drums. The album was engineered … Continue reading Leaves Russell releases “A Tale of Two Basements” EP

Petoskey releases “Little Lakes” EP

After a great show at the Doug Fir Lounge on January 22, 2011, Petoskey is releasing its new EP, titled “Little Lakes.” Recorded by Skyler Norwood at Miracle Lake Studios in Camas, WA, the EP includes five songs, including Baby Bee, Chickadee, Jacob and the Whale, Artichoke and 1627 Leffingwell. Petoskey is Angie Kuzma (center), Justin Ready (far right), Becca Vandewalle (back right), Jason Drost (mid right), Lauren Vidal (back left), and Thacher Schmid (far left). You can buy this excellent recording for just five bucks here: If you’d like a sneak peek, here are two of the three … Continue reading Petoskey releases “Little Lakes” EP

Signs of Discontent

Signs Of Discontent Billboard wordplay has caught the Blazers off guard and angered some feminists. BY THACHER SCHMID | 503-243-2122 [December 8th, 2010] It takes a second glance to realize that some billboards in the city that’s home to the Trail Blazers aren’t a typo. The capital letters, several feet tall and a dozen wide, spell the words “TAIL BLAZERS” and are nestled between the faces of actors Charlie Sheen and Neil Patrick Harris. They’re plastered on at least three billboards and one MAX light-rail train as part of a NW32/KRCW ad campaign to pitch two TV series, Sheen’s Two … Continue reading Signs of Discontent

“Safe” by Star Witness

From left to right, Fern Capella, Trevor Oswalt, Chris Allen, me, Kenny Karales. Star Witness-Safe This track was produced by Chris Allen, who also plays drums. Fern Capella sings lead and wrote the song, while Kenny Karales plays bass guitar, Trevor Oswalt plays keyboards and I play violin/viola. Released June 15, 2010. Check out the band’s website at Continue reading “Safe” by Star Witness