Emancipator’s “Seven Seas” hits #2 iTunes electronic

coverEmancipator’s “Seven Seas” hit #2 on the iTunes electronic music chart upon its release in late September 2015. I play on four of the twelve songs on the album:

1993 (violin); Vision Quest (mandocaster); Delta Trance (violin, mandocaster, viola); and Honey (mandocaster). Of those, my favorites are 1993, in which I play the hook, and Delta Trance, on which I play slide on Fender Mandocaster, with a Turnip Greens pedal.

Here are 1993 and Delta Trance:

I’ve now played on three of four albums released by Portland-based producer Doug Appling, a.k.a. Emancipator.

You can find out more about Doug, Emancipator Music, his Loci Records label and the Emancipator Ensemble, now touring worldwide, on his website: