Leaves Russell

LR@DougFirSome bands make it, some don’t, and talent is not the only variable in the equation. We had a moment of making some pretty excellent music, I dare say: Leaves Russell, a quartet composed of Matthew Russell, Inger Isaac Medina, Jackson Locomotivebreath Conrad and myself.Leaves Russell But then Matthew moved to Austin. I certainly would put Matthew right up there with any vocalist I’ve worked with. And playing over the thumping grooves of Medina and Conrad was always fun, and I’m the kind of strings player who can’t have fun if the rhythm section (or DJ, or producer) isn’t kicking some funky beats.

Anyway, we played shows across the Pacific Northwest; perhaps never touring nationally was our undoing. We probably had the most fun headlining the Doug Fir. During our run we released an EP and some singles and an LP, “We Chose the Devil Red.”

Here are my favorite cuts from that album: