Sam Llanas/Absinthe

Sammy LlanasSammy Llanas, pictured at left, of BoDeans fame, is one of Milwaukee’s musical legends. We both played with the same electric guitarist, a six-string wizard named Jim Eannelli, on the right in a 2015 photo, below. IMG_0731_2 I performed acoustic mandolin and violin on Llanas’ solo album Absinthe (below), specifically the song “A Good Day to Die.” Jim Eannelli made the connection; Gary Tanin did the studio work. Llanas, Eannelli and I, plus many other Milwaukee, Wisconsin blues, folk and rock musicians used to spend more than a few late nights at Linneman’s, a small bar in Riverwest founded by Jim Linneman.

Absinthe CoverHere’s the track I recorded on with Llanas and Eannelli: