petoskeyfotoPetoskey was Angie Kuzma’s band, Angie and her partner Lauren Vidal’s band anyway, and it was a fun one. They used to call the sound “babyfolk.” We used to rock it in a country styley in the basement of the “Michigan House” on North Michigan Ave. in Portland, just before the neighborhood tripled in value, and debate about whether the spider on the wall was a Black Widow or not. (Probably not, but kinda looked like one.)

The last show I played with them was at the Aladdin Theater in Portland’s Brooklyn neighborhood, opening for Horse Feathers, which Lauren still plays with. Probably my favorite show with them was with Deelay Ceelay at Mississippi Studios.

Other members of the band when I was playing with them included Becca Vandewalle, Jason Drost, Justin Ready, and Jesse Waldman, all very good musicians. Above and below are a couple of photos. petoskeyfoto2011b

Below are some of my favorite tracks from the one album we released, recorded by Skyler Norwood at his Camas, WA studio, Miracle Lake. (Dude knows what he’s doing, too.)