StringzologyStringzology MKE, by love live music collective, was the only full-length album I’ve ever composed, recorded and produced. I did it with a Neumann U-87ai microphone, a PC with ProTools, Mackie mixer and a lot of help from some of Milwaukee’s most talented musicians and poets at the time (late 1990s).

Some of the people who contributed music, words or art include Marcus Doucette (pictured) Marcusnow a DJ at Milwaukee’s 88Nine radio station, Janeen Shavers, Franz Buchholz or Signaldrift, Cash Bishop, Lil’ Rev, members of One Drum including Jahmes Finlayson, Roman Edirisinghe, Julio Pabon and Holly Haebig, Dawn Matlock, Aron Smith, Yaya Kambaye, Colin O’Brien, Michael Bieser, Steve Wurcer, Saskia Pretorius, Patrice Nassalang and Michael Kashou.

Here are a few of the songs: