“Theca” is Track #9 on Signaldrift, a.k.a. Franz Buchholz’s debut album 060, released by Outward Music Company in the late 1990s. I play violin briefly on the experimental low-fi track, all of seven minutes long.

You can check out more Signaldrift or buy the album at

Buchholz and his brother Jason, Hans and a mutual friend Bill, a.k.a. jungle/drum & bass DJ B23B and I all played together in a really strange but at times incredibly cool experimental (knob-twiddling) project called Pargo. Think underwater, synthy, Steve Roach and Kraftwerk-inspired oceans of sound.

B23B and I played more than a few club gigs around Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood and did a DJ mixtape together. It was a cool phase in my musical career, playing with Signaldrift and Pargo and B23B, and taught me a lot about electronic music. (I still have a lot to learn.)