“Tickle your Cattails” from Church of the Get Down

Tickle Your Cattails

“Tickle your Cattails” was produced by Miri and Darka Stebivka, under the name Mode M, for their compliation album Church of the Get Down, a tribute album dedicated to Scott and Sherry Pendarvis. The Pendarvis family owns the Pendarvis Farm, on which the renowned Portland-area music festival Pickathon is held each year.

I don’t really know the whole story here, and have only been to the Pickathon once, when I volunteered. But, as the tune, on which I play violin (around 4:30 into the heavily-layered track), indicates in Scott Pendarvis’ own words, the farm has been besieged by those who aren’t exactly down with the communitarian, free-music message of Pickathon.